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Recently, many regions of the country continued hot weather, the China Meteorological Administration National Climate Center said that the current number of cities in the country's rare hot weather will continue, is expected to even in August and even some areas until the end of August. In such a high temperature weather,char broil stainless steel tabletop grill people will come up with a variety of ways to cool down the summer, but do you think too to the furniture down the summer heat?

It is reported that the summer hot weather for the furniture is a great test, the summer light is strong, the temperature changes quickly, the air is wet,18 inch metal furniture legs hot, strong ultraviolet light will affect the life of furniture, especially for children's furniture, Less than the appropriate maintenance, the damage rate will be higher than other seasons 24.7%, such as exposure after the paint off, furniture burst is more common situation. So what kind of maintenance measures do children's furniture?

To prevent the sun direct exposure: summer sun is the number one furniture killer, and human beings, any material of the furniture if the long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation in the sun will be more "aging", so the furniture to avoid direct sunlight is one of the primary protection. 207 children's furniture experts introduced two ways to avoid direct sunlight, first: the location of the furniture should pay attention to avoid the place where the sun can be direct. Second: hanging on the window thin section of the curtains will be injected into the indoor sunshine weakened,glass top bar table and stools isolated from direct sunlight, so that will not affect the indoor lighting and protection of the indoor furniture.

To avoid air conditioning outlet: now many families are equipped with air conditioning, but you know, air conditioning outlet is also one of the factors causing damage to furniture. Many people from home after the home like to blow air conditioning, and air conditioning, if the direct blow to the furniture, such as a day of indoor temperature hot and cold alternating large temperature difference will lead to damage to furniture, especially wood furniture will be more easily damaged or premature Ageing.

Leaving the gap between the furniture and the wall: summer air tide, the wall often have anti-tide phenomenon, so be sure to wall furniture and wall spacing out of 0.5 to 1 cm gap,discount office furniture austin on the one hand left out of the ventilation gap, the other On the one hand to reduce the probability of direct damp.

Keep the indoor environment dry: summer furniture surface easy to gather water mist, the water vapor needs to be treated in time, such as can be wiped with a soft dry cloth, and keep the room ventilation. Or the use of air conditioning dehumidification function or with some desiccant to reduce the humidity of the room. Now some of the brand furniture using a more advanced means to prevent furniture because of moisture on the furniture caused by damage, such as 207 children's furniture is used in all sides of the board edge technology, so there is no margin is not tight, but 207 Children's furniture experts or special remind parents,wholesale hotel chair banquet chair for wedding in the summer or to pay attention to the furniture, moisture and moisture, such as placing the furniture in the more humid places the best furniture in the bottom of the installation of waterproof pad, near the walls and bathroom walls to stay good ventilation.


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